lundi 15 juillet 2013

Easter Egg Costume Challenge! (English version)

 For a long time, I have had a crazy idea, which was relaunched after a conversation with Melly aka Katikut . We decided to launch the "Easter Egg Costume Challenge"!

 What is it? 
Under the mysterious words “Easter Egg” is hidden a simple concept. The term refers to something hidden, such as a menu on a DVD or a website. We were inspired by this name for our challenge! The goal is to create a costume that is hyper-accurate in its shape, cut and details, and which seems historically accurate from a distance. The surprise is revealed when you look closer at the costume: the fabric and the trims are not at all authentic! For example, a Christmas fabric, candies as trimming, etc. Be imaginative!

What is the purpose? 
This is not a competition. At the end of the challenge everyone will be free to organize an event in his or her city, region, or country to "celebrate" the end of the challenge. The goal is to have fun and laugh a little without falling into the traditional opposition of purists vs. "pretty princesses." Enjoy!

How does it work? 
The rules are simple: the costume shall, from a distance, look correct historically (colors, materials and shapes). What matters is the illusion and “trompe l'oeil”. For the rest, everything is permitted!

I am not in Paris, can I participate? 
Of course! Just by relaying information if you have a blog, you can participate in our first meeting of the EEC challenge. If you cannot come to the Paris region, you can create your own output by posting on your blog or the EEC Facebook page.

Is there an end date?
Yes, but we haven't yet fixed it precisely. We just know that the deadline will be held in the spring or summer of 2014.

How to participate? 
The best is to copy the url code below, post pictures on your blog, copy my long prose and make a link to the original page, and then invite others to participate! You can decide whether to keep your readers in suspense about the details of your project and whether to publish notes about your creation.

PS: The Hello Kitty fabric illustration is of course a tribute to Jenni and her Hello Kitty 18th century robe a l'anglaise! Good game!

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