mardi 3 février 2009

Sous l'Empire des Crinolines

Petit rappel pour les retardataires, le musée Galliera à Paris, organise une exposition intitulé "Sous l'Empire des crinolines", jusqu'au 26 avril 2009.
Interview de sa directrice, conservateur général du Patrimoine, Catherine Join-Diéterle:

The exhibition "Sous l'Empire de la crinoline" at the Musée Galliera in Paris, is still open until the 26th of April.
Interview of its director, the museum curator Catherine Join-Dieterle (in French)

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Ingrid Mida a dit…

How I wish I could travel there to see this exhibition before it closes. Even though I could only understand about half of what the curator said, it was lovely to see a glimpse of the many beautiful gowns and accessories on display.
Thank you for posting this.